Thursday, March 27, 2014

What a week this has been.....

Well, "Fated Encounters" is now 'real'! It's not available for download yet but it is still very much a reality. Judi at ProofreadNZ has the final copy ready to upload, just sorting out the finer details like the ISBN#. Actually now would be a good time to thank everyone that took the time to help me get it this far: proofreaders, title suggestions, words of encouragement.... each mattered to me so thank you!. 

But I'm not kicking my heels idly waiting for things to happen, not a chance. My focus now is that 'Golden Hour' that I referred to way back. 

Problem number one - The story will be launched as an e-book on April 6th between 8pm and 9pm New Zealand time, which is great for New Zealand, providing people remember to change their clocks as summer time comes to an end on that day; clocks go back an hour.

Problem number two - When it's 8pm in New Zealand, factoring in the clock change, it's going to be 8am in the UK. From memory 8am on a Sunday morning is not the most lively of times unless you're off to church. Don't panic though, because on Sunday 30th March British Summer time begins, clocks go forward an hour.

Problem number three - Whilst New Zealand and the UK are enjoying a Sunday, the USA is still hanging out with Saturday! 

So, "Fated Encounters" will be launched on April 5th AND 6th Saturday afternoon, Sunday evening and Sunday morning, all at the same time.

Confused?! Yup, me to.

This is just one consideration as I work towards the launch: It is so critical to get that 'Golden Hour' that not picking up these little time discrepancies can be costly. (These three countries represent 85% of the visitor traffic to the website, blog site and Pinterest boards so these have to be my focus).

My way around this is that I'm going to put a countdown clock on the website - simple. Wish I'd thought of it last time!

But the time zones don't just matter for a book launch, even these blog posts have to be timed, or at least advertised at different times through facebook. Thankfully you can schedule posts so that helps.

And talking of the website...... If you've visited before you will have noticed that it was all about "Russian Redemption" but now there is a second book so I've had to spend a lot of time revamping the site to accommodate both....... and as more books come along, well, you get the picture. The website is a continually evolving 'work in progress' and that makes it demanding (but very necessary).

So now it's all about momentum. Last week I sent out some PDF version Advance Review Copies (ARC's) to individuals that had agreed to provide feedback and reviews. I want these on the website and the Amazon page at point of launch.  I also sent out emails to my growing contact base, stirring the interest. 

Before the day's of E-Publishing and Print on Demand (PoD) a manuscript could take twelve months to go from submission to print, loads of time to get everything in order for the launch - publicity, interviews, poster campaigns, press releases etc - now it's push a button and there it is. Everything has to be done quicker. (Not so much the interviews for me, I'm not that big an author, and I've tried press releases, didn't work).

BUT, I'm not above asking for help to spread the word. If you share this blog, or website links or register on the news feed page or even 'Like' the face book page (here) it all helps.

Don't forget - look out for the countdown clock. appearing soon.

For next weeks 'Guest Post' I have coerced a very experienced Reviewer to share her thought processes and her passion behind the reviews she writes. I have read a number of her reviews and would venture that they are better written than some of the books she's actually reviewed!  


Note: 'Fated Encounters' will be published through Santel e-publishing

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