Friday, March 28, 2014

Facebook warning

There's a lot going on with Facebook and it's not looking as though it's a positive from a business perspective. To be honest I have been a little puzzled over the last few months as to why some facebook posts I've created haven't appeared in the news feed of another account I have. Obviously they are both linked via the 'Friends' tool. It appears that Facebook are restricting news feed posts, even within those that have 'friended' pages or groups;: But why?

Well, I have the answer - actually, I don't but Socialmediatoday do.

It's an interesting read, and a worrying warning because things are only going to get worse.

So I thought I'd take advantage of an opportunity, the release of 'Fated Encounters', to run a little experiment. The book is actually available now on Amazon in kindle format, but it is NOT free - that will still be the focus of the Golden Hour - talking of which, the countdown clock is now active on the website 

Shortly the facebook ad will go live and it's targeting the readership of authors that write in a similar genre (as previously discussed). The ad is timed to run for the next eight days with a maximum spend of NZD$6 per day. I will report back the results so you can judge if it was of any value.

For those that do download 'Fated Encounters' (apart from an obvious Thank You) I'd like to highlight an insertion on the last page:-

Note from the Author:

Reviews are gold to authors! If you’ve enjoyed (or not) this book, would you consider rating it and reviewing it on Thanks! 

Again, something that was discussed in an earlier post here. So, we'll see how it all works out.

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