Sunday, March 9, 2014

Can you help?

Hi all - ok, I am in need of a little help and am hoping that there is enough interest and experience that visits this site to come to my aid.

Let me set the scene: Russian Redemption is a fairly brutal depiction of fictitious events during 1941. It's an intrigue, suspense thriller set to the back drop of second world war Russia. I would warn anybody of a delicate nature to avoid it.

Anyway, as part of my own development as a writer I decided to take on the mission of writing for a completely different genre, a much 'softer' approach, and an exercise to see if I am able to communicate emotions effectively through the media of the written word. It is polar opposite to Russian Redemption. I would probably describe it as romance (ish).

It would be fair to say that for me personally it was a very difficult 'assignment' that took me well outside of my comfort zone. In fact so far outside of my comfort zone that I am reluctant to go back there in search of a title.

And that's where I'm hoping I can get some volunteers :-)

I'm after a dozen or so people (readers or writers) that are willing to spend 45 minutes reading a free pdf copy, and make a suggestion for the title. There are no prizes other than possibly having your suggestion incorporated as the actual title - there are no royalties, no rights no bags of sweets (well possibly the sweets) just the potential of having your suggested Title immortalized for ever.

All you have to do is register here and put 'Short Story' in the subject line.

I appreciate any help! thank you.

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  1. Thank you to all those that took up the challenge - I have some very interesting offerings as far as titles are concerned, and some really good feedback on the book as well! Cheers.