Monday, March 31, 2014

Free download Countdown..

Well, 'Fated Encounter' is up and live on Amazon - This ROMANCE short story (approx 9500 words) has been attracting a fair bit of interest which is always nice, especially if you've followed its development.

A review from the Advance Review Copy:

"Fated Encounters is a short love story that quickly comes to life capturing both your attention and your heart. Anyone who has ever experienced love, loss or betrayal will find it easy to relate to this story and will catch themselves reflecting back on the course of their own destiny.One of the many things that make me a fan of AJ Wilson's writing is his ability to divide opinions and spark debate, whatever the topic. It gives you the freedom to imagine, with enough structure to lead you directly into his web of unforgettable characters, where you will be stuck long after the story ends.Fated Encounters is another fine example of AJ Wilson's ability to keep you guessing and leave you wondering. A very entertaining and well written read for people of all ages, everywhere." - Kelly G

Anyway - That 'Golden Hour' for the FREE download we've spoke about can be monitored via countdown clock on the website where you'll see this:

You can also register through the website for that 'alarm call' email if you're worried you may forget, or drop me an email direct at 

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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