Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Russian Redemption 2 - on the table......

I've mentioned previously some of the things I wish I had done before launching my first book, Russian Redemption, and part of this whole blog thing was to let you guys know, but at the same time act as a reminder for myself.

I started writing Russian Redemption II a few months ago, with a planned launch date around September time. It's going to be very interesting to see the difference between the two launches. To be fair I think a lot of the work since the initial launch has been in preparation for RR2 because I knew there would be at least one follow-on publication.

"Insert marketing message here" >>>>> Speaking purely from a very biased perspective it is an excellent book, well worth reading and one that will get you thinking. Both books will stand alone, but a reader will get more out of them IF they have read them both, and in order. Now is a really good time to buy Russian Redemption because there's never a bad time, click here and follow the link Russian Redemption.

I digress. One of the minor details that I need to be paying more attention to is my 'mailing list' - I missed an opportunity when we published Russian Redemption, I should of added a page at the back suggesting people register on the web site (Also, for RR2, I will be using this page to invite people to leave reviews if they've enjoyed the book). Advertising space that I didn't utilize - shame on me.

Anyway, we live and learn. So, as part of my preparations for RR2 I need to promote RR1, leverage that momentum to build a mailing list that will, in turn, promote RR2. I know it probably sounds obvious now but with so much going on these 'obvious' things are soon over looked. (The 'mailing list' includes FB Friends, Twitter followers, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc).

I haven't found out the best way to do this yet (so any ideas are welcome!) What I will probably do to start is ask Judi to add the above to the e-book and Cre8Space sites. For the time being I'm going to invite people to register their interest through the website portal 'Contact' page. I'm hoping that I may be able to grab a couple of 'beta readers' from these volunteers. Now, some people may consider this a a waste of good 'prospects', if they Beta Read the book they probably won't buy it. Not true! I mentioned all of my helpful proof readers (under the title of 'labrats') in my 'acknowledgements' in RR1, they all bought a copy!

OK - pick the bones out of that, I hope there's something in there that will help you. Good Luck

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