Monday, February 10, 2014

Boost yourself ....

When I started out I knew that I had to go looking for people as opposed to people already out there looking for me. As far as the world was concerned, they had no idea who I was. Having gone through the pain of building a website, creating a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a Pinterest account and maybe a blog don't miss the opportunity to link them all together.

People are generally lazy, every 'click' of the mouse is an effort, and therefore a barrier. And humans tend to be an impatient breed, not to mention lazy. Not that many years ago the 'click' rate was deemed to be four. This is the amount of times a person would expect to click the mouse to arrive at the destination/information that they want. That has now dramatically reduced to TWO!   Two clicks from when they arrive at your website for example, if they aint there by then, they're gone, seldom to return.

If you look at my website ( you will see that on the homepage I have added my other accounts for one click access.

Also, don't forget to build your email signature block.

It's a little more professional and it also gives access to your other media in one click. You have to sell yourself, invest a shed load of time & effort for seemingly little reward, but stick at it. Measure progress in achievable increments and believe that you will be successful - a tacky but true cliche "You don't plan to fail, but you can fail to plan".

I'm going to get a couple more Indie Authors to contribute their experiences over the coming weeks because you're probably pretty bored of me going on. IF there are specific questions by all means send them in - I'll table them on this blog and see what advice comes back.

cheers - Andy

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