Monday, January 26, 2015

INVICTUS Part 1 published, INVICTUS Part 2 reaches over 18,000 words.

The first four reviews have come back following last weeks release of INVICTUS Part 1 - Introducing Richard - two four star, and two five star!

It's a great feeling, as a writer, to receive positive and constructive feedback from complete strangers, it just makes you warm and fuzzy inside. As an Indie writer it is probably even more rewarding because of the encouragement one gleans from such feedback; an author under the banner of the big five publishing houses has that encouragement lavished upon them often - or at least that is how I presume it to be.

But the best feeling, or at least the best feeling in the world for me, is when I'm writing and I get so drawn into the story that it feels like I'm living in it - it's amazing. I don't know if it's just me, or if others feel the same, but it's true. It tells me that my story is interesting, has character, is believable. It's a bit like existing in a dream, so real that it allows me to explore story options, seeing through my minds eye to test the plausibility of a plot, or a reaction or even an encounter. I can stop the story at any time, back track and attempt an alternative twist, run it as a test - like it/not like it, implement it, ignore it - pretty much anything I want. It's fantastically uninhibiting! Being able to 'feel' a story like this is probably why I've been able to write over 18,000 in two days, it's enjoyable AND productive. The downside of being an Indie is that I have to step away from this playground of fun in order to earn a living and pay the bills. 

Anyway, INVICTUS Part 2 is motoring along - I'm thinking that I'll release a chapter or two through the news feed on the  over the coming months, just to get feedback from those that have read the first of the INVICTUS series.

Happy writing people!

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