Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Writing is something I do between books.

Never a truer statement! 

The good news is that I am ahead of schedule for 'Elementals'. I spent most of last weekend working through it, doing the tedious spell check and stuff, and finally managed to print off a few copies to go out to the 'Lab Rats' - the test base - Beta Readers. I hadn't planned to be at this stage until Christmas so now I have time on my hands, and that's always dangerous.

An update from Judi yesterday tells me that INVICTUS Pt 1 is almost ready to launch, and last heard she was 'percolating' the changes to Fated Encounters before coming back to me. We are ahead of schedule, all box's are ticked!

I suppose that there is always something to do, always a little job here or there that could be done - the trouble is that none of it is as much fun as the actual writing! Creating a story from nothing and living it as the story unfolds into a book is the best experience possible; even if some of those stories will never see the Amazon site, it's great exercise for the mind. So, with ambitious plans to roll out Russian Redemption II, the second of the INVICTUS stories and possibly another 'Elementals' in 2015, the future is looking busy, but it's these lull's between books that the short stories emerge, just for the fun of writing.

I've invested in a shredder! A little cross-cut machine, it converts the reams and reams of previously printed manuscripts to rabbit bedding, much to my youngest daughters delight! For posterity reasons I've kept the original final manuscript for all of the books, and sent them to family or friends. But the mounds of folders I was hoarding just had to go.

I don't know if this is a warning to other Authors or just a usual part of the development process but I have noticed some changes in my perceptions of my environment - everything becomes a potential story plot, everyone becomes a basic character with the potential to grow into the next hero, protagonist, villain or support person. Seriously, I'm getting a bollocking from my boss for something, and as I'm watching his face go red, or swell up, in my mind all I'm thinking about is finding the words to describe the event so I can recount it accurately in a future story line! I wonder how many of my work colleagues could recognize themselves in a story?! I'm even listening hard for quirky phrases that may fit a story; EVERYTHING seems to be a story in the making, how much fun is that!

I write because I love seeing the surprise on the faces of those that know me, and have read one of my books:- 

"YOU wrote this?!" 

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