Monday, November 24, 2014

Already looking forward to 2015

There is still a month left of 2014 and I'm not wishing away time because there is still loads I need to do before the year consigns itself to the history books; But I aint 'arf looking forward to 2015!

I received the first pass edit of INVICTUS Part 1 back from Judi (Proofread NZ) at the weekend, and I was disappointed: Not in Judi, oh no, I was disappointed in myself. I thought I'd worked super hard to make sure she would have little to do but when I opened the file and saw all the RED throughout I was somewhat deflated. Fortunately a pre-planned evening with football friends served to shake off the hovering depression, and then I was into it with renewed vigour. I've still got a bit to do but I want INVICTUS Part 1 to be submitted for the 2014 Wishing Shelf  Independent Awards so the clock is ticking. This is self inflicted pressure, but I like to have targets, I tend to thrive in that environment.

The revised 'Fated Encounters' also sits with Judi, I have the same aspirations for this story with regards to the Wishing Shelf Awards, and that should round off the year nicely.

'Elementals' is very much alive in it's rawest format, my plan with that is to roll it out to half a dozen Beta's as Christmas reading and pick it up in the new year - definitely one for 2015.

There is also an INVICTUS Part 2 to be completed and launched next year, as well as Russian Redemption II. So, all in all that's at least three publications planned - and lets not forget the ones that aren't planned. That's the problem with this writing lark, the stories just seem to arrive in my head and are very insistent on making it to paper.

BUT, in the last few days of November I can honestly say that I feel I have accomplished a great deal in 2014, if my aspirations come to fruition I would have achieved far more than I could of dreamed of when the year started. As a 'hobby writer' the 'buzz' I get from finishing every segment of a script, or introduction, or even something as simple as a post here is hugely rewarding. The fact that over 5,000 people have read my posts is just incomprehensible to me - I'd never considered myself particularly interesting!

So, to all new or struggling Indie Authors I can only offer one real piece of advice, write for the love of writing!  

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