Friday, October 3, 2014

INVICTUS Prt 1: Introducing Richard - A glimpse of things to come.


There are always two sides to any story.

If you were to look over the fence of 38 Bassildon Street on the outskirts of Gloucester you would witness an idyllic scene: children playing in and around the inflatable pool, the smell of the chicken and sausages smoking on the bar-b-que hung invitingly in the air, the parents sipping iced Pimms and chatting with their visitors. It was July 1991, a glorious summers day and, to the onlooker, the scene could not be more perfect.

Julia had the same view of her marriage to Richard, well almost. Apart from his work related overseas travel their lives were pretty good; very much in love, two wonderful daughters and financially stable. They were a perfectly ‘normal’ inconspicuous middle class family.
AND then there is the truth.

Richard has kept a secret for a very long time, as with all such secrets, once it is revealed those lives effected can never be the same again; there was no going back.
Discovering his secret propels Julia in to an unfamiliar world, one that she is ill prepared for. The more she discovers, the more her ‘normality’ disintegrates. The realisation that their marriage has been built on this one hidden truth causes Julia to question her own future, and who should be part of it. Her husband meanwhile, has his own battles to fight, not least of all his battle for actual survival, a battle for his life.

Secrets are dangerous, and seldom without consequence.

Given the opportunity to meet his nemesis for a second time, Richard longs for a chance to silence his demons. In his mind it is this one person that has been solely responsible for the dismantling of his double life. One way or another the haunting screams would have to stop.

The question is, who else is keeping secrets?

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