Monday, October 27, 2014

A weekend of mixed emotions.

Going into this long weekend I was absolutely exhausted from the months efforts across many fronts. I so desperately wanted to catch up on sleep, but I was just as desperate to focus on some serious writing. The latest WiP (Elementals) is constantly playing on my mind, it's like I've assigned a brain cell or two (and some people said I only had one!) to act as a random thought processor that just ticks away in the back ground. 
When I planned 'Elementals' it was always going to be another short story, a novella maybe, but that has been completely blown out of the water. I've had to force myself to step away from the laptop, it's at 18,000 words and not even scratched the surface of where this story apparently wants to go.

But I needed sleep. Unfortunately nobody told the neighbours so there I was at midnight last night pen deep in rewriting Fated Encounters to the thud thud thud of some modern group screaming out of the surround sound speakers of my neighbours daughters party - no invite for us then.

My family are very supportive; the son went away for the weekend and the wife did well to keep our youngest daughter occupied as much as possible to give me the writing time I craved. 

The biggest problem I have right now is, me! This 'Elementals' is proving such a buzz, it's like the imagination has been given an adrenalin injection and let loose in a toy store. How I can sit there and 'live' these pages is just beyond me, it is an awesome feeling, truly amazing I just wish I knew how I did it!

Fated Encounters was a very personal story for me, it was one I wasn't comfortable writing but felt that it had to be written. It wasn't a case of bearing my soul or trying to rekindle anything, for me it was more about reminding myself that I used to have an emotional side. As I sit writing 'Elementals' I understand the benefits of doing that, I have quite amazed myself. Writing a few specific paragraphs this afternoon I had real tears streaming down my face, honestly, people that have got to know me since 1984 would never believe I could be like that, even I was stunned (after the initial embarrassment of course). So, there was a reason for Fated Encounters, it gave me access to a part of myself that had been long banished to the darkest depths of oblivion, I think you have to be a 'complete' person in order to write the better story's.

Those that have read INVICTUS Prt 1: Introducing Richard  have all agreed that it is my best writing to date, having read what I've written today I think there is a challenger for that title.

Now, about that sleep........

Good times, great fun and totally absorbing recreation. Who wouldn't want to write?

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