Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What can a blog site tell us? An exercise in communicating random thought #1

Blogsites are just a method by which a person or business can interact on a global platform. Yes, that interest can be developed into sales which, if course, equals money. Or it could be an advertising medium, again thinking of money. Maybe it's just a way of attracting interest from like minded people, or trying to help others, or even (and I think this is me), an on-line diary of experiences, learns and lessons, a record of the journey. People have 'blogsites' for all sorts of reasons.

Over the last 51 years I have learnt many things but one of the big things I have learned is that 'people' tend to be creatures of habit; they set patterns.

Patterns exist everywhere, home, work and play. These patterns generate behavioural trends that are recorded as surveys, then converted to a graph - and that's raw data. A 'graph' of human behavioural patterns. Ergo, when a graph changes noticeably it must reflect a change in human behaviour. Human behaviour only ever changes for a reason, something motivates that change.

(For those of you that are still with me on this..)

The point to all of this is that I have noticed a very definite change in the flow of visitors to this blog site - the graph tells me!

If you can imagine a heart monitor, flat line-bleep, flat line-bleep spike, flat line, spike - you get the picture. And that is what the graph that monitors this blogsite looks like - until recently. All of a sudden it's starting to look like a seismograph reading.

Is this a good thing? Well, it would be nice to think so BUT I'm not so sure.

1) Whereas before I would post something on this site, they'd be a spike of activity and then it would quickly die off - I haven't posted much over the last 8 or 9 days yet almost the same amount of visitors have visited each day (give or take a couple) - more than 10 times the number of visitors I would expect.

2) IF these were visitors taking a healthy interest in me all of a sudden, I would expect a proportionate increase in website visitors, but this isn't the case. (The graph tells me!)

3) The vast majority of these visitors are from the US, with a very unusual second place going to France. If these visitors were from certain other countries such as I may have mentioned in an earlier post (Does Facebook Advertising work - Take 2) then I may be more suspicious.

So, I'm none the wiser; Something is going on but I just don't know what. If anybody has any ideas please let me.

The impossible is just something that hasn't been done YET! 

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