Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dedicated writing time yes or no?

This is going to sound a little confusing, but try and follow me.

I've never planned or allocated specific time to writing. Shock horror! It's one of those things that for me has always been driven by the urge to write as opposed to the time of day. It's been one of those "Dog and squirrel" moments from the film 'Up'. "Write....... must write - right" and I'd be off, laptop under my arm and that would be me for however long it took.

BUT this time was different, this time I planned a whole day of writing. Well maybe not entirely, but it was a bit of a break through for me. Friday afternoon I got that compulsion to write; in a few minutes my brain had downloaded the concept of a story. Even though I was at work I had to write it down, to capture the thoughts. So I did. Now normally I would wait until the same compulsion hit and just hoped it coincided with time in the day where I was in a position to explore further. Previously I have tried sitting at a computer and forcing ideas but that hasn't worked out well for me. 

So, Friday night I did no writing at all - family time. But Saturday morning I decided that I was going to take myself into a suitable environment and see if I could tap into the inspiration of the day before. I took precautions, stocked up with a few pickies, emptied the immediate vicinity of wife, kid and television and placed an post on my Facebook page telling my 'friends' that "Today the world can get by without me, I'm having a writing day" - which basically translates as "Do Not Disturb". And, I actually did manage to reconnect. I can honestly say that this was my first 'planned' writing session. Now I am sure that most people reading this are thinking 'Big Deal we do that all the time' - but for me it was a big deal, almost like finding a level of control over the writing, a relationship with the 'inspiration' where it is a team effort as opposed to IT telling me when to write. And the 6,000 words we churned out are looking pretty damn good for a first effort. The story is planned out to the finish, the notes are fairly comprehensive, all from one session.

Well, I just thought I'd share that experience. Hopefully some can relate to it, and others won't call the white coat brigade and have me committed!

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