Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The anniversary of 9/11- Fourteen years ago I, like so many, was glued to national TV as the singular most horrendous slaughter unfolded in front of my eyes; the attacks on the World Trade Centre in NY. As I drove home yesterday I listened to an American radio station interview with woman, a former cabin crew member, and she had some very valid points to make over the downing of those towers. Actually, to be more exact, some experience based factual observations that raise yet more questions. I have to confess that I have long suspected the 'truth' regarding that terrible human tragedy is a long walk away from the story being told by the Government. I certainly don't consider myself a 'Conspiracy theorist, raging fruit-bat' type of guy, it's just that I like to question things. In my humble opinion there is sufficient evidence to at least warrant thought, consideration to the possibility that it was a domestic act of deliberate destruction. To do that you have to get over the biggest hurdle of all - you have to allow yourself to acknowledge that there are real people out there that could be this evil, and that is a terrible admission.

It is not that the 'coincidences' prove that it was a merciless act of domestic origin ... they don't: But there are enough to heavily suggest that we are not being told the truth. There are enough 'coincidences' to make the dumbest of dumb question the odds - unfortunately, there are none so blind as those that will not see. 
I watched the footage of people jumping from the towers to absolute certain death, the endless processions of funeral vehicles carrying the bodies of firemen, police and paramedics, servants of New York City that gave their lives; I can understand why the very thought of it being a domestically orchestrated event is incomprehensible, I really do. At the very least indulge me for a few minutes, this is not a theory on who did it, or why, it is much worse than that!

If the Air Hostess turned Author is to be believed then the planes that hit the 2 towers were not the same type of aircraft that they represented. A plausible explanation around the misfortune of the actual passenger aircraft is offered, and a further link between the cause and certain company owners is uncovered. There were 'War Games' going on, the huge delay of the intercept aircraft being scrambled, the number of people that didn't turn up to work that day, WTC 7, nano-thermites, the list goes on and on. IF (and it is a massive 'if'), but IF half of what is coming to light proves to have a basis, just how many people have knowingly contributed to this mass murder? And it is that that shocks me to the core. Could it really be that there are that many people that can keep their participation quiet? If an author wrote a story portraying that level of intricate planning and that many people, it would be deemed implausible, a fantasy novel, Though let's not forget the saying "Fact can be stranger than fiction."
There are a couple of things in play here; an arrogance that people will simply believe what they are told, and the belief that most people are just too damn lazy to employ original thought. For those that aren't aware, there is also the UK live news report announcing the fall of WTC 7 whilst the actual building stood intact behind her for a further 15-20 minutes.

And on the subject of weird and wonderful, or at least weird, - this isn't a compilation of various reports, charts, rumours or propaganda, this is absolute fact, seen with my own two eyes. Last year MH17 was shot out of the sky by a missile. How do we know this? Because there was a missile casing lying alongside the wreckage in the first reports shown on tv here in New Zealand. It was between 6 and 7 in the morning, I was watching the report on our flat screen television as I walked towards the patio doors. The female presenter was narrating, telling the country that there were suspicions the plane had been shot down by a missile. Her male colleague watched the footage, at the end of it laughing mockingly at the narrative, "Possibly shot down by a missile, how can they say that, look ... rerun the clip, can we see that again, you could see the missile.." he scoffed. The clip that was shown again was not the same clip, it had been reduced in length, the missile chassis part was not part of the edited rerun. I have searched the internet for the original footage with no joy - can someone really make that disappear? It seems so, which should make everybody realize the frightening prospect that there are some very serious people out there, with very serious agenda's and we, the common folk, are just disposable mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on s@#t. 

Going back to that American radio interview, the lady in question was at a secret location, she truly feared a 'drone strike' on her house so had moved ... her fear was real, you could tell in her voice. 
Radio interview Rebekah Roth (it's a couple of hours long but worth it)

Anyway, whilst this body of super powerful, totally messed up individuals decide the fate of the human race I shall keep writing my story's. I'm keen to see if fiction can match the truth.

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