Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who's watching whom? The perils of an author..... (tongue in cheek)

Firstly, I love Google Analytics - I agree that it's not perfect, but it is very informative. I also have to confess that my brain is quite quick at spotting unusual trends and patterns - and I can be a tincey wincey mischievous.

However, even I was surprised to see the sudden interest my blog site was attracting from some very unusual countries. I do a lot of book research on-line, and a lot of my stories involve terrorist plots, or anti-terrorist scenario's. I am a great believer in the plausibility of a plot and the accuracy of things like component parts, weaponry and so forth, are very important- you get the picture. Last weekend was Easter bank holiday and I was fortunate enough to have the head space to write a new 20,000 short story over those four days; this one is set in the middle east and involves a handful of Iraqi officers. For the plot to work I needed to research Sunni and Shia Muslims, the differences in their core beliefs pertaining to very specific scenario's, certain traditions and of course the Quran.

Other factors in my life have meant that I haven't had the opportunity to post here for several weeks (sorry about that) so why then, all of a sudden, have 86 people from the Ukraine, 78 people from Russia and 46 people from the US come visiting?

Strange activity indeed - but wait, that's just this blog site; if people were taking an interest in my on-line presence then wouldn't they also be looking at my website? I'd better check (Paranoia? Possibly but it has kept me alive so I'm ok with that) >>>> Runs over to website - hhmm for the first time in the 20 months that I've had the website up and running I have more than two visitors with location 'not set' - in fact there have been 149 visitors from 'location not-set'! That is a huge anomaly, especially when, also for the first time in it's history, the number of recent visitors from the US outnumbered those from New Zealand, and not just by a few - as a side note I see that 25 visits from China puts them on 4th place. 

So, that's 

So, if I happen to disappear in the next few weeks/months, or am the victim of a slightly unusual 'accident' would someone mention this to an honest copper somewhere - cheers.

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