Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You just never know who's looking.....

A couple of posts back I made reference to some 'good news' that was coming, well good news for me anyway. Now is the time to let you into the secret.... feel free to cheer!

Let me set the scene - The intention was to release Invictus Part 1 before Christmas but due to some unforeseen circumstances  it slipped into January. Sometimes things just happen for a reason.

I should remind people that this blog has always been designed to reflect my journey, the ups and downs, the lessons learned etc, and so the title - you just never know who's looking - is an important lesson; and here's why.

During the early days there was a big push on to get reviews and life was a little frantic with emails pinging out and in from everywhere.

Out of the blue I am contacted by someone that has read Invictus and is raving about it; not "hey that book you wrote is pretty darn good", more "Shit man, that book is awesome, such vivid scenes and characters, it blew me away". Any author would be very happy to get such a response from a stranger, I was over the moon! We chatted for a bit, a few questions shared between us and that was it (or so I thought).

A few days later I got an email from this person, politely inquiring if I would mind if they sent a copy of 'Invictus' away to some friends to have a look at. Well, once a book is in the public domain anyone can read it so I was slightly taken aback, maybe I was expected to pay for the copies? Nope. So I happily agreed - why wouldn't I.

To cut to the chase, it transpires that these 'friends' happen  to own a digital media company in New York and a fairly high profile entertainment Management Company in Los Angeles AND they are in the market for new projects. I'm old, been around the block a few times, am more cynical and sceptical than most, and have no reason to believe I am deserved of such a lucky break. It wasn't quite 'yeah, yeah, yeah, of course you are.' but it was close. Sufficed to say I spent the next few day's carrying out due diligence and was pleasantly surprised. There was a diddy-widdy knot of excitement developing in my stomach.

Further conversations brought Russian Redemption into the equation, and there was an audible gasp of expectation when I mentioned the as yet unpublished, 'Elementals'. This all happened back in January. To be fair all parties have been very open and honest with each other (which is always the best way) and they have kept me informed of developments pertaining to their plans should my book(s) successfully be selected as a project. A couple of very important points to note:

1. There are NO promises by either party, nothing in writing to confirm any agreements because, other than the proverbial gentleman's handshake based on a lot of "IF's", there are none.

2. Neither party has undertaken, or given reason to believe that an undertaken has been entered into, to solidify the speculative talks held to date.

3. No permissions or retainers have been discussed, agreed or sought.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that everything is still very much up in the air so 'why', (I hear you ask), am I even mentioning it?

Are you joking me?!?1 - I've been writing less than 3 years, and I have a US based, pretty well connected, informed and established media organisation talking to me about turning my books into films or even a TV series; with the added potential of actively being involved in that process - (or even just being on a retainer to continue to write my books, my way, and giving their organisation first option). 

Too right I'm shouting about it - just to get that level of recognition is mind blowing for me. And, years down the line, if I get the chance to fulfill this potential, what a great adventure it would be.

Being of solid grounding I have no expectations, I'm quite prepared to not be selected, there are still at least three more tiers of qualification to get through, each a massive hurdle - But what if?! 

A good friend recently bought me a bottle of 18 Year Old Johnny Walker whisky, Platinum Label, perfect to celebrate the successful navigation of the next hurdle, it's as if he knew. Hhmmmm.

So, here's the lesson: All of this has come from one person happening to read one book, and talking to some friends. It just goes to show that you really don't know who is reading your published work, and why every reader counts.

Realistically I expect to hear if I have progressed in the next 6 - 10 weeks, then it's going to be months before the penultimate hurdle, and it will be then that the diddy-widdy knot of excitement is allowed to grow, just a little!

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