Sunday, September 21, 2014

To re-write or not to re-write, that is the question......

So, INVICTUS Part One: Introducing Richard is sitting with Judi at ProofreadNZ for her to work her magic. As I've said before, this should be the cleanest manuscript she has seen from me as I've had 10 'Beta Readers' go through it. For anyone that doesn't use Beta's, find some! Seriously, it makes so much sense. I value their time and their opinions and am constantly amazed at how much detail they pick up. I still have to work on the introduction, and I am completely stumped on the cover design right now, but there's time.

Those that have read the draft manuscript have provided some very positive feedback, and to be honest I can also see some substantial improvements in my writing, story telling and structure.

This has brought about a degree of doubt over the quality of Fated Encounters - hmmphh.

The plan is to release INVICTUS Part One as an e-book, probably in November (providing I can get the cover sorted) and then next year release it, Fated Encounters and a third novella as a paperback collection - and this is where the question 'to re-write or not to re-write' comes into play.

I loved Fated Encounters, it is very raw and packed with emotion but now I'm not so sure that it is as good as I first thought; not as polished (from a story perspective) perhaps as I now think it could be. Fortunately there haven't been that many downloads, and I know it's not unusual to update publications, but if I start down this road then I'm going to be reinventing every book I write, every time I realize that I've got a bit better - crap, that could be a lot of re-writes! AND I don't think that that would be fair to those that have aleady downloaded it. It is a conundrum.

I was absolutely certain that Fated Encounters was the best it could be when it was published, but I didn't know what I didn't know, and in the same breath I still don't know what I don't know - dammit where does this stop!?! There has to come a point in time where I draw a metaphorical line under each book. But, dammit, if it's not perfect why shouldn't I keep improving it......... ? Does anyone else have these discussions in their heads or is it just me?

At this point in time I envisage one rewrite of Fated Encounters prior to paperback publication, with the condition that anyone that has purchased it in it's current format will get a free updated copy - then I really have to let it go.

I honestly believe that every book I have published is the best it can possibly be at that point in time. I want people to read my books and believe they have bought value. AND, despite the sceptics, I don't write to make money (my bank manager would happily confirm this to be the case!). But I also want to be on the path of continual improvement, for my own development. 

Wow - this is a confusing journey all of a sudden.

It was suggested that I look at each book I write as a step on the staircase to perfection, but surely by definition, if I go back to a previous book/step to improve it, it is in fact a step backwards. Deep huh?!

Does anyone else suffer this dilemma?  

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