Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Does Facebook Advertising work - Take 2

A few post back I openly questioned the worth of using paid Facebook Advertising Campaigns. I provided screen shots to support my concerns. Actually, to me the stats that came from that $100 investment proved that Facebook Advertising Campaigns were very questionable with regards to both worth and accuracy.

When compared to the data from Google Analytics, there were a number of anomalies that suggested that Facebook Campaigns were being conducted in a fashion that was less than totally honest. For example the difference in the number of website visits, the amount of time the Facebook generated spike in 'visitors' actually spent on the homepage (not even long enough to register one second!) and so on.

I did complete a 'feedback' form and sent it to Facebook and have (to date) received absolutely no response. I'm not surprised. 

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me the following link:

Ironically, I had mentioned to a few people that during the FB Ad Campaign I had suddenly received 'site visits' from some very unusual countries: Portugal, India, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Romania, Guatemala, Philippines, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and so on. When I say 'unusual', the reason these stand out is because the campaign was targeted specifically at UK, USA & NZ!

So, it would appear that not all is as above board as we are led to believe. 

Obviously each individual has to make up their own mind to throw money at one of these Facebook Ad Campaigns or not but be warned, the evidence suggests you are better off using your hard earned cash to buy a lottery ticket!

I'm off to the local corner shop to get a ticket.

If the people at Facebook ever read this I reckon they'll cancel my FB page - by accident of course :-) 

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