Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My apologies for being absent but.......

It's been five or six weeks since I last posted here and there is a good reason for the self imposed absence...... I had to admit to myself that I was an addict. 

There were a number of 'clues'

1. EVERYTHING that went on in my world was converted (in my mind) to a potential story line.

2. Everybody I met, spoke with or observed became a potential character for my next book.

3. If I wasn't physically writing I was thinking about writing, dreaming about writing or wishing I was writing.

4. From the moment I got up in the morning until long after I'd close my eyes at night my brain was churning out scenario's, story lines and 'twists'.

5. The website, blog site and Facebook page were constantly 'open' on the laptop, being updated, amended,  tweaked and improved (especially when sitting with dinner on my lap!)

it really was a case of 'writing' taking over my entire existence.

Now, some people may see this as utopia but with a normal 9-5 job and a family life vying for my attention this addiction to writing was out of control and starting to cause a few issues. (On the upside I did manage to write one new novel and start three completely new ones so it was a very productive time)

People who know me will confirm that I am the sort of person that acts decisively in the face of obsession so I switched pretty much everything off.

I know that some say 'writers' must write every day, and I suppose that if you are one of the fortunate few that are able to make a living from the industry then writing everyday is important, and practical. But, as I was not too keen on joining the unemployed masses, I had to remove myself from all things related to my books in order to focus on the mundane (but important) day to day elements of life. On reflection it wasn't so much of a time thing it was more of a head space thing - when ones brain is constantly in the pages of a developing story line it is impossible to focus on other things; all I wanted to do was get home and start capturing the thoughts in writing. I think I even started resenting these distractions, I felt a bit like 'Gollum' - my writing being 'My Precious' - it was a great place to be for me, myself and I but not so good for wife, kids and work.

And so I edge myself back into the world of writing, toes first, to test my resolve - have I learned to control this addiction? - time, a divorce or state benefits will tell. 

Russian Redemption

Fated Encounters

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